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Summer update

We've had a busy summer: updating the gallery with a new lick of paint (Farrow&Ball's Joa's White) to make the space more versatile, as well as hanging the new library curtains (from Andersons Inverurie) and getting rid of the very old moth-eaten pair.

Our bees have also been busy making masses of honey; the warmth has helped the garden flourish with a marked increase in insects such as butterflies and ladybirds. Although we can't sell the bees' endeavours, as it's unpasteurised, we'll be adding it to recipes that will be served at our September Recital & Afternoon Tea (3pm, Sunday 30th September) and at our Christmas Open Gallery Afternoon (Date to be confirmed).

We can't wait to hear the lovely pieces of music that our cohort of local musicians will be playing in the drawing room on the 30th September. The Bechstein grand piano will be used for the first concert in years, accompanying a clarinetist and played by a soloist. We will also have a flute trio performing a seasonal selection of Scottish and classical music.

As for the afternoon tea, jam has already been made using a glut of black currants found nestling at the back of the kitchen garden, and will be served with warm scones after the concert has finished. Orchard apples will also be used in an amazing toffee apple cake recipe, poached from a family friend.

Promoting and organising these events is getting easier with the help of Adobe Sparks free online design package. We've had great fun creating very professional looking posters and invitations with the help of their templates, and tinkering with graphics is a welcome break from painting the gallery walls!

If you'd like any more information about planned events please do get in touch.

beckstein piano for concert

Pots of KH honey

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