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Harvest time

The hot summer has played havoc with many a garden and farm further south, so we realise how lucky we've been in the North East of Scotland to have enjoyed just enough rain and warmth to get everything growing well - Our runner beans have literally run wild, and continue to do so!

By taking a stroll around the Estate and Home Farm we're noticing a marked increase in the abundance of fruits and berries. The Rowan trees are weighed down with tiny red bundles of jewels; the old plum tree has fruited for the first time in years; bramble bushes are creeping up and over hedges, ready to be unburdened of their dark, rich pickings...

In the KH kitchen, Nature's Bounty is getting turned into the first cakes and crumbles of the season - it's so much more satisfying to cook with free produce found on a forage!

Here's a recipe for a very quick and easy crumble that the children always enjoy:

For the filling:

5 large apples, cored and cut up (whatever variety is available)

2 handfuls of brambles (spider poo washed off)

3 tbsp brown sugar to sprinkle over fruit

Sprinkle of cinnamon, if you like

Mix together in a medium sized oven dish.

For the topping:

Plain flour


Brown sugar

Soft butter

Equal quantities of all of the above (75 to 100g) or more, depending on how thick you like the crumble, mixed together to form small crumbly clumps.

Spread over fruit mixture, bake for 40 mins at 170 deg. C., or until bubbling and golden on top.

Aberdeenshire apples

blackberries or brambles

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