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Farewell Kemnay SWRI

We have been readying the house for the final meeting of Kemnay's SWRI group, which will be disbanding after this evening's get-together.

It is poignant to have the ladies choose the house as their final venue, as Muriel Burnett formed the group here in 1932 (see photograph). In those days member numbers were over 100, where as we are only providing tea for 10 this evening. Although the village has grown considerably, new organisations for women and the demands of work and family have kept potential members from joining.

However, by studying Kemnay SWRI's archive we can quickly discover what a driving force for friendship, community work and fun the group has been throughout their 86 years. A programme of events for the year 1977 to 78 shows the types of activities on offer, as well as shares pearls of wisdom in the form of monthly mottos:

September 15th

Motto: "Good counsel never comes amis"

Talk on Mountain Rescue - Constable Souter, Alford

Competition: Safety Slogan

Bring & Buy Sale

October 20th

Motto: "As well be died as not o' fashion"

Talk and demonstration on hair care by Mrs Taylor, Aquithie Road

Entertainment: Kemnay Cubs

Competition: Glass Jar Redcurrant Jelly

Definitely not just jam and Jerusalem, although 'jelly' does feature...

We wish the ladies all the best in their future endeavours beyond the SWRI.

Kemnay SWRI from 1932

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