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Looking to the future

The decorations are down; tidied back into cupboards for another year. The house is quiet. So, it's that time of year again when we reflect on what has been, and begin to look for future possibilities.

While the Country holds it's breath (waiting for our collective future to become clearer) we at Kemnay are trying to be as positive as possible...

The little things are helping with this: Our friendly pheasants are feeding outside the kitchen window each morning, and have multiplied over the year from one lonely feller into 2 breading pairs. The red squirrels make daily trips to gorge on nuts, showing off their furry, fat, white tummies as they swing from the feeders. Our wood pecker is also back, looking majestic as ever.

These are the sights to enjoy during January, while waiting for the days to lengthen and decisions to be made...

red squirrel at Kemnay House

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