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Woodland Wellbeing

The wilderness that surrounds Kemnay House was intricately planned and planted by George Burnett (1714-1780). He mixed indigenous and exotic trees, turning a peat bog into an area of beauty to be enjoyed by all who visited. His son, Alexander, went on to add an ornamental lake with island and bridge, which has unfortunately now been engulfed by the wilderness.

When in need of escaping the bustle of modern times, a saunter through the woods to listen to the birds, see the vibrant greens and feel the crack of twigs underfoot, does much to sooth the nerves. As we've just come to the end of Mental Heath Awareness Week, it seems very appropriate to share the news of a new outdoor wellbeing course for teens that will be run by AndBreathe & Wellbeing With Agnes in our wilderness in June.

The paths we tread now are the remnants of more formal walkways from the 18th Century, so the towering firs, copper beech and oak are now approaching their 300th birthday. It's wonderful to think that George Burnett's thoughtful hard work is still benefiting people's wellbeing toady.

Please get in contact with Gillian or Agnes if you are interested in finding out more details:

outdoor wellbeing course for teens

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