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Learning from the past.

As everywhere, the effects of this international crisis have been a challenge for us:

The month started with designing advertisements for a VE Day celebration, and has now ended with the cancelation of all events at Kemnay House that had been planned for May and June.

However, the family and house have lived through many a crisis over the past 300 years, and by delving into the past we can gain some comfort from learning how previous generations tackled their own times of fear and uncertainty.

In 1939, the family's world changed quickly, reshaping life, hopes and dreams for the foreseeable future. By VE Day, the House and it's occupants were different in so many ways...

Over the coming weeks we'll share some of their inspiring stories, as well as take you on a virtual tour of what we had hoped to show guests in person.

But for now, we wish you good health and happy thoughts.

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