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As the light takes on a more autumnal quality, and the garden hues begin to glow with touches of orange and russet, I get increasingly drawn to the paintings in the house that mirror such shades. This has led me to do some swapping around of artwork to reflect the colours outside, better illustrating the mood of the moment.

So, following on for July's blog, I thought it apt to share more details of artists that we have exhibited, as well as images of their work that compliment this stunning time of year:

Nikki Monaghan is a very talented artist based in Falkirk, who we've been lucky enough to work with over the past few years. Her gorgeously rich, detailed contemporary scenes are sold as original paintings, prints, decorative tiles, cards and coasters. You can't help but smile when you view her creations:

Jane Birrell is also an acclaimed Scottish artists who very recently started working with us. We look forward to displaying her beautiful mixed media paintings of wildlife, still life and landscape scenes when we open to the public next year:

Lastly, Caroline Robertson, a successful local artist and hard-working school teacher, paints vibrant images of animals using bold, bright colours and shapes. Her work has been reproduced onto cushions which have adorned the sofa of our gallery for the past 2 Christmas pop-up shops, making it very inviting indeed:

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